Hey, I'm Katya

I’m a Londoner in my late twenties, with an undergraduate degree in Psychology BSc and several years experience thereafter in the film production industry. With many health issues for all of my life, I’d spend my childhood in the kitchen cooking & baking or in the arts and crafts area, rather than outside playing or doing activities which would trigger symptoms and fatigue. I’ve now spent several years rigorously testing and developing a suite of recipes that are accessible to as many elimination diets as possible whilst polishing up on my food photography and videography skills in my home studio.

I very much advocate an eclectic approach to nutrition, because everyone is different in the foods that they tolerate, and these dietary requirements may also change over time. As someone with several health conditions, I’ve found myself navigating restrictive diets throughout my entire life. When it comes to doing this, what you avoid and include should be very much tailored to you; your own nutritional needs and health conditions and a doctor should always be consulted in this process. The conclusion I took from my entire Psychology BSc degree was that with every treatment, therapy and medication etc, there is never a ‘one size fits all’; yes there may be statistical significance but there is always room for variation and not every single person will respond in the same way. I’ve found that this seems to apply to everything; from pain and daily management strategies to nutrition.

I’ve been searching for a resource that provides recipes for a large range of elimination diets yet I haven’t ever found that; so this is the purpose of this platform – to provide you with options for a wide range of recipes for elimination diets that are still packed with flavour, are wholesome and nutritious, quick and easy where possible, and completely clear and transparent about how simple a recipe is to create – including how much there is to wash up! None of the information shared is advice to follow a restrictive diet, but if it has been medically suggested due to health conditions or allergies, then this platform is here to provide options. Find out more on this blog post what diets the recipes may be suitable for. You can filter on the recipe index page according to diet to find suitable recipes. I’d love to hear what you think of the recipes so please let me know your thoughts in the comments and ratings sections, and if you have any other suggestions please get in touch!

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